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The Azerbaijani-born, Russia-based singer-songwriter has released 14 albums since 2006, the most recent a Russian-language double-album that dominated the Russian charts. Touring constantly, he plays sold-out, 3000-capacity shows across the Russian Federation. In his adopted hometown of Moscow his last concerts, in December 2018, packed in 15,000 Muscovites over two nights. In Baku, capital of his home country, he regularly plays to 10,000 people.


Yet his grandest show, an open-air event in the historic heart of St. Petersburg in 2017, was bigger still. Much bigger. “There were 50,000 people in Palace Square, and it was televised on PBS across the US and broadcast to 50 million people worldwide. It was myself and David Foster onstage,” Emin explains of the multi-million-selling and 16-times-Grammy-winning Canadian producer, arranger and mentor behind the likes of Michel Bublé and Celine Dion.


“It’s Impossible to get a permit to play at the Hermitage in St. Pete – only Paul McCartney and Madonna managed it before,” continues Emin. But with his history, success and profile he was able to convince the authorities, “how important it is to show the city to the rest of the world, and improve the tourism. And that’s how we got it.”


World Music Award winner 2014

Most stylish musician in Russia - GQ Awards 2016, 2018

“Emin is fast-becoming a global superstar” - Irish Sun

“He’s the Russian Ricky Martin” - Today Show

“[Emin’s] songs are catchy, smooth and polished” - FHM Magazine

“Rising pop star Emin is positioned to be the first male Russian pop star

to crossover into international mainstream pop.” – Yahoo




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